Wild Divine Combination Essences

Wild Divine Combination Essences

Wild Divine combination essences are filled with Alaska’s wilderness, nature’s inspiration, energies of the divine feminine, bits of playful magic, and senseless glee; plus Alaskan flower, tree, rock, elemental, environmental, wild and garden essences; the Dancing Light Orchid and the 7 Sister Moon Flower Essences; all to help you create movement in your life, to help you heal, grow and meet life’s challenges. They’ll help you by uplifting, expanding, and nurturing you, and by supporting your inner being and healing.


Wild Divine Flower Essence Combinations are synergies, they have energetically become more than the sum of the individual essences combined which gives them an increased potency.

Wild Divine Combinations Can Assist You With: Emergencies, Stress Relief, Pet Care, Self Improvement, and Emotional Imbalances, Increasing your Joy.

Let The Healing Forces Of Alaska’s Wild Nature Bring You Assistance With: Cleansing and Protective Energies, Inner Balance, Meditative Stillness, Youthful Liveliness, Light Heartedness, Touching Into Your Wisdom, Smiles, and Joy.

Wild Divine combination essences such as Mother’s Arms and Happy Pet are effective for shock and trauma for you and your pets (our version of a ‘rescue remedy‘, helpful in emergencies), they can help to connect you with your smiles, playfulness, inner peace, and peace of mind. Wild Divine essences can also help you to unfurl your wings, help you to release stressful energies, and are useful for clearing unwanted energies from your spaces.

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