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“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.” ~ Buddha

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It’s an interesting journey …

We are all spiritually awakening beings, spirits having human experiences with varying degrees of amnesia it seems; we have an awakening journey to go through in this physical world. The healing modalities I offer come from my own journey, they are the gifts creation brought into my field of awareness; I have used them extensively and they work.

Orchid Essences

Renew your aliveness with Mother Nature’s compassion touching you with the exquisite energy of orchid flower essences. They meet you where you are now to help you transform in your unique way, at your own pace.

Sound Therapy

You can’t avoid the many stressors that cause tension to accumulate. Surrender body, mind and spirit into effortlessness as sound vibrations clear stress and tension.

Reiki Healing

Reiki enlivens your inner pathways and your cells inside and out. Imagine enhancing your sense of wellness as you heal and awaken. Reiki energy flows and it can be sent long distance or shared in person.

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The healing modalities I offer come from my own journey, they are the gifts creation brought into my field; I have used them extensively and they work. The Dancing Light Orchid Essences are a compassionate gift of Nature, shared through the subtle energies of the flowers.

How To Select and Use Essences

When you read the essence descriptions you will often intuitively have a sense of which ones attract you the most. Take some time to consider the support you seek as you read through the descriptions. That way you will have a focus to help you notice more easily which essences attract you and will benefit from.

“Shabd Sangeet has an amazing gift, and I feel blessed to have had her work with me. I experienced one of the most phenomenal treatments I have ever had. I slept particularly well last night and was feeling the dancing light of the essence energies. Not many things have an impact on my sadhana (morning practice). I had an amazing sadhana this morning. I am grateful for having this experience and for her skill in being able to make these essences.

Shabd Sangeet accesses subtle and profound healing energies, through the use of the orchid essences, on many levels – I felt uplifted, inspired while I was releasing blocked energy. Rarely have I encountered a healing that impacts my spiritual practice in such a deep and powerful way. After the session I am using the essences in the early morning when they are particularly effective. Have a session with Shabd Sangeet and experience the Dancing Light of the essences for yourself!”

Hari Kartar Singh

Happy Client, Phoenix, Az.

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Dancing Light Orchid Essences enhance your life by inspiring you to develop higher vibrations, more refined sensibilities, align you with your spirit, your inner truth, help you become aware of your divine nature so that each day you can become a little bit more evolved. One day you will notice you have changed for the better, you like yourself more and your words are kinder.

“Magical. That’s how I would describe my consultation with ShabdSangeet and the experience I’ve had with her flower essences. I have felt such profound shifts and transformation of my energy that I can hardly put it into words. The essence of her energy, her healing magic, her heart, and spirit, in combination with her flower essences, is both powerful and empowering. I highly recommend ShabdSangeet’s flower essence consultation and treatment for your path to healing – whether physical, spiritual, emotional, or all three levels of healing are desired. ”


Happy Client