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Essence Infusion Sessions  (includes your essences)

This transformative session re-calibrates your inner harmonics, re-vibrates your being in a way that supports you as your authentic self in a session that allows you to be released from the tight grip of well set patterns. In short this is a very effective means of re-tuning your instrument (you) so the flow of the infinite can express itself through you most accurately

Dancing Light Orchid Essences Consultation (includes your essences)

Renew your aliveness with Mother Nature’s compassion touching you with the exquisite energy of orchid flowers to meet you where you are now and helping you heal as you need, at your own pace.


In this holistic oriented approach, we focus on your body’s communications in a particular way, allowing it to organically bring forth and gracefully transform whatever is blocking your Source Energy and making you feel stuck.

Sound Therapy with Symphonic Gong

You can’t avoid the many stressors that cause tension to accumulate. Surrender body, mind and spirit into effortlessness as sound vibrations clear stress and tension.

Reiki Training

Accelerate your own healing process by receiving Reiki training. Reiki enlivens your inner pathways and your cells inside and out. Imagine enhancing your sense of wellness as you awaken, simply by placing your hands on your body and ‘turning on’ the flow.

In person Reiki healing

When you need healing, Reiki energy flows directly to where it is needed while you relax and receive.

Long distance Reiki session

Send the healing energies of Reiki to yourself or loved ones anywhere.