Sound Therapy

Gong Meditation

What is Sound Therapy?

The sound of the gong vibrates through the chakras, physical and subtle energy bodies. Bathing in the sounds of the gong opens, quickens and balances. A gong bath enlivens and integrates the 10 bodies of the aura. The impact of the gong can be felt throughout the body, resonating in your cells, cleansing the mind.

While the Gong is being played, it will vibrate stress and tension out of your body and mind, guiding you into deep relaxation deep within your Self. Your part is to just relax and allow the sound waves to wash over you and through you.


“Sometimes, I feel like I go on the best vacation of my life when I am bathed within the vibrations of the Gong. I come back from an  inner space feeling deeply renewed and energetically cleaned.”

Happy Client

How does the Gong work as a healing instrument?

The gong receives the energy of all that is in its presence. The Gong draws these energies into itself, vibrating them, re-vibrating them sending them out anew to you, for you, thus allowing feelings, thoughts, and tensions that you have been holding to relax and release. When the gong is played, it frees you to let go of yourself for a while. This is an opportunity to flow effortlessly into very deep relaxation.

Gong sends the transformed energies out of itself, back into the audience who experience the reverberations as their own, creating a harmonious collective field that is for the good of all.

Gongist ShabdSangeet Khalsa, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga instructor sharing about Holistic Health and Wellness.