Dancing Light Orchid Essences

Dancing Light Orchid Essences


Natures consciousness and compassion have brought these essences to us. My role as an “essence producer” has been and is, to be the ears, hands, heart, and mind that receive Mother Nature’s multi-dimensional instructions for bringing these essences from the ethers into physical forms that can easily be shared with you.

I feel Nature’s compassion is offered to us for the endless challenges we face as we journey through life on earth in physical form. To me, it feels like Creation is closely watching those of us here in physical bodies, witnessing our struggles and challenges, helping us when we hit those areas where we just don’t know what to do or how to do what we need to do at times. Mother Nature then brings forth her divine gifts to help us rise to higher levels, to transform gracefully, to open our hearts to rediscover the beauty, innocence, and joy that wants to blossom forth from our most precious inner selves, from our hearts and souls.

In the process of co-creating the Dancing Light Orchid Essences I surrender my awareness to the subtle energies of the flowers. It is a journey deep into the layers of creation, that is pre-manifest, where the essence of a flower beckons me to follow the energy into the formlessness, where only my awareness can travel. The consciousness of the essence is my guide, inviting me to follow as deeply and as subtly as I am able.

It is through nature and flowers that I live in relationship with the vastness of creation. Their beauty draws me in, closer and closer, until I pass through to the other side, into the un-manifest. I am aware, I am in a space, a not place, where I surrender my awareness to the subtle intelligence of the flowers. Here in the layers of creation my being dances with the essences while they envelop me as though we were lovers sharing subtle secrets. In this formless awareness, our energies mingle, there is no I. Wordless, thoughtless awareness is a direct transmission, pure intention, light, and energy.

I hold these precious gifts within so that I may bring them back through the subtle layers of creation and into this manifest realm to share them with you. I focus inwardly to feel with my awareness the gifts I hold within. I do my best to find words to express the essence of the orchids; the energies are pregnant with intentions, alive with unlimited possibilities. This is alchemy, where etheric essence blends with physical matter, an essential infusion of living, dancing, vibrating light.

The essences are an expression of Mother Nature’s compassion for each of us. She showers us with her gifts to nurture our growth on every level. Through the orchid essences she meets us right where we are in any given moment of our personal evolution; like a wise, compassionate mother, if we let her, she not only meets us, she matches our pace then gently teaches, supports and leads us deeper within, while elevating our awareness so that we can open to new possibilities beyond what we have imagined.


The Dancing Light Orchid Essences beckon us to flow with them into the subtle layers of creation within ourselves. Each essence is a conscious facet of the vastness of creation; with any given essence energy, if followed into the subtle, it could lead one into the infinite awareness within one’s Self. Ultimately, essences are our traveling companions for the inward journey beyond the limitations of the ego and intellect and fully into ourSelves.

To Illustrate, I’ll share a bit of my life’s journey with the essences up to this point. I was a sensitive child who grew up hearing the subtle communication of the Devas: of flowers, fairies, waterfalls, insects, crystals, fountains, trees, angels, animals and other beings.

I also grew up in trauma which was great fodder for needing to do a lot of healing and this is one area in which the essences met and supported me as I grew.

Shifts In Consciousness

The essences and I are on a lifelong journey which started from a pretty basic need to heal this human self. They also supported my spiritual expansion through the experiences of making the essences with all of the loving wisdom they have imparted through making essences. I have come to understand this as nature’s compassion, with each new life challenge I was directed to make new essences, they were exactly what I needed to successfully navigate the turbid waters. As of this writing the essences are supporting my very human self as I increasingly learn to surrender to the flow of creation on the path of Self Realization. The path into the Self: Self Realization begins where I am right now, and where I was back then when I had no idea of such things.

I have found that by consistently using essences it is possible to explore the ever expanding depths they offer; for example: Reveals Mystery Within, when I was very involved in my emotional healing this was a great helper for discovering stuck emotions that were a mystery to me at the time. As the years have passed, this essence helps to reveal my inner vastness, as that which is yet unnoticed, is the mystery within.

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