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Serving the Holistic Community for over Twenty Five Years…

Shabd Sangeet Khalsa has been creating vibrational essences and offering transformational orchid essence consultations and essence infusion sessions to individuals for over twenty-five years. She is known internationally for her work with flower essences and their ability to catalyze energetic shifts. Her work is grounded in a solid botanical background, with over three decades of fieldwork from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska, along with her many years of yoga and spiritual training.

She always felt it was her destiny to walk a path close to nature while supporting inner healing. ShabdSangeet has heard the subtle voices of flowers since she was a small child. This ability has allowed ‘Spirit in Nature’s’ healing intentions in the essences to help people free themselves from their perceived limitations. The essences help open and clean ‘baggage’ to then allow the emergence of the higher vibrations of spirit to flow through individuals helping them with release of weightness.

My Promise to You

Many of the essences have been made in Alaska which is a rarified treasure of purity and wilderness, a vast unbroken web of forests, mountains, glaciers, and tundra with moose, bear, caribou, sheep, eagles and, of course, the elements near the top of the world.

We can’t make essences without including the elements of these very powerful environments.Alaska affects us in powerful ways. Alaska’s essence is the life force of the land and it is these powerful energies we are sharing.


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Would You Prefer An Essence Consultation To Get You Started?

You’ll receive an in-depth essence session with the founder and producer of the Dancing Light Orchid Essences. You will benefit from her lifetime of relationship with Spirit in Nature as she focuses her intuitive skills to bringing you another step closer to where you wish to be.


Everything that is healing is about the flow, the great, vast flow of creation itself and we experience here in the manifest realm of the physical world. Reiki is a tool of the flow, it heals, it uplifts and elevates; the more it is used by oneself and shared with others, the greater the river of love, healing and life force becomes. It is like a small stream at first, then when used it flows a bit bigger, then bigger and then one notices it flows ever more greatly as that is the nature of flow. If you take the time to learn about people who have shared Reiki a lot, you will see that many look quite youthful into their later years, this is due to benefits of allowing the flow to flow though oneself to others, and all the while being enlivened by the ever increasing life giving energy of the flow.

Sound Therapy

The wise ones throughout history have told us that sound has created this realm. Yogi’s came up with the healing gong as it vibrates, it penetrates through our very skin and helps us to revibrate our whole selves. It can take you beyond the grip of the intellect/ego on a journey into the depths of Self and you will likely come out of an hour long gong bath feeling like you have had the best vacation of your life. The gong is healing sound.


Focalizing is a modality that creation has manifest through Dr. Michael Picucci. He refers to the flow as Source Energy and it is a brilliantly organic, loving, expansive and expanding gift to those who use it. This mind/body modality gives us the experience of release and expansion; it opens the flow of Source Energy within Source Energy assists with the letting go of whatever is not authentic Self. This modality is very helpful for releasing trauma, getting out of being stuck, and also for expanding into being more illuminated and clear.

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