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Young Heart
Young Heart holds vibrational patterns to nurture or rekindle a healthy sense of wonder, and playfulness, angel dust to give lift to the wings of your heart, inspirational seeds for your lofty ideas, and the silent chiming music made by: Joyful fairies dancing on Scottish Blue Bells. It also contains Alaska’s Elements, Blue Bells, Essence of the Angels, Flowers Celebrate Solstice, Rainbow Mountain Tundra Flowers; (DLOE) Heart Wings, Wondrous Heart, Heart Light, My Heart Knows, Dance of Creation, My Own Pure Light, The Way Less Traveled, Wondrous Heart, (mist) rose geranium oil to deepen your sense of well being.

Young Heart essence is the innocent child within you tugging at your sleeve to come out to play, it's your heart's deepest passions that inspire you to leap out of bed in the morning because you just know there is something wondrous about this day!

Young Heart Essence Is An Energetic Assist, A Tug On Your Sleeve To Rekindle Feelings Of Being Young At Heart.
-Does your passion for life inspire you to leap out of bed in the morning ?
-Do you wonder what this day will bring when you first open your eyes?
-Young Heart Combination Essence contains the energetic patterns of the “magic", or "wonder” you were so familiar with when you were younger.
-Young Heart essence is about helping you to get back in touch with the innocence of your beautiful heart, the innocence of your young heart.

With innocence and imagination anything is possible and not just because you imagined it, but because you allowed yourself to touch into the vastness of creation through the portal of imagination kindled by your open heart.
-Our young hearts are not only gifts to ourselves bring us more more in our daily lives, they are also gifts to the rest of the world and will serve as inspiration to others.

Use Young Heart:


 To rejuvenate your inner fountain of youth, most importantly your most precious innocence!


 Take it to your work or play place to lift your spirits when things get too serious, too competitive.


 When you or others around you start to feel and act old at heart, when you have forgotten how to believe in magic or feel the wonder of simple things in life like rain falling on your face. . .


 When you feel weak and tired, disheartened, disappointed, fed-up, angry or generally unhappy.


 Use it if you have been sick for a short or a length of time.


 To heal readily and deeply when you nurture the joy and magic of your heart.

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