The Evolving Path – Set 7

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The Evolving Path - Set 7

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The Evolving Path - Set 7
The Evolving Path - Set 7

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The Evolving Path - Set 7

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The Dancing Light Orchid Essences beckon us to flow with them into the subtle layers of creation within ourselves. Each essence is a conscious facet of the vastness of creation; with any given essence energy, if followed into the subtle, it could lead one into the infinite awareness within one’s Self. Ultimately, essences are our traveling companions for the inward journey beyond the limitations of the ego and intellect and fully into ourSelves.

Each set is made up of carefully chosen essences, to increase the natural healing and flow.

This set contains the following essences:

Letting Go ~ Dis-Embodiment

You will come to the time and space repeatedly in life where letting go of past experiences and emotions is required in order for you to move forward in life with clarity, with an open, light, compassionate heart. This essence will help you release your weighty emotions and thoughts renewing your ability to carry on with a lightened load.

Just as solid mountains are eroded away one particle at a time by the elements so too can the embedded charges of body and mental memories be released. Allow yourself to flow into the new days ahead with renewed fluidity and freedom. As mountains are eroded they become lighter, they rise higher.


Accept what is. If you are not accepting 'what is' in the present moment, you are resisting. Resistance does not change the present or past, but instead blocks the flow of your life. The gentle vibration of orchid flowers can help you to 'just be'. Allowing 'what is' creates acceptance.

To create change, accept things for what they are as a first step: then you will know what is real, avoiding illusion and delusion. From there you can make choices and take action according to what is. Acceptance requires pause in action. This essence holds the energy to pause. In the pause, see 'what is'. In the pause accept 'what is'. You will find yourself in a pool of awareness and of acceptance. Pause in this.

Harmony of Heart

In the softness of your heart is the seat of yourSelf. It is common to develop outward protective layers with mental projections so convincing that no one would dare to question, nor breech that well crafted protective facade. The facade becomes a binding energy, constricting authentic, loving expression. No one can see who you truly are even if you may wish them to. This dichotomous incongruence does not allow for authentic visibility nor expression, leaving those in your presence missing the truth of your heart and over time that may even become the experience for yourself.


The gift of this essence is freedom to bring forth the authentic expressions of your infinitely free Spirit Self so that you may drop the veils, allowing outwardly harmonious expression sharing the treasures of your limitless being.


(Wooly Plantain) An orchid imitator - Many orchids imitate their insect pollinators, some flowers look like orchids. Your pure essence may seem as if it were a tiny, quiet part of you that may be nearly unnoticed amidst the loud, bold things that draw and catch your outwardly focused attention. In truth pure essence is infinitely vast, may be noticed and felt in every moment. Purity is the flow of creation expressing itself through you without any hindrance. Look for it - it is always there within you.

You and your purity are One. This essence supports your ability to feel it. Your essential being is pure; you cannot loose your purity but you can loose touch with the sense of purity within yourself. Let the essence help you shift from the agendas of the mind and the loco-motions of the emotions. Chances are you have already befriended your purity and you just need a reminder that you can tap into it immediately at any time.


I can un-believe my beliefs! I live in awareness ... the powerful flow of creation makes me inherently, powerfully creative. My earth vehicle bows to creation flowing through it. I feel how unbelieving vibrates me, elevating well being. My beliefs are the glue of my reality. My very thoughts and cells are flowing with creative power which can be used to Unglue ~ Un-Believe beliefs.


Unbounded perceptions are the stuff of my essence, my authentic unlimited Self. I can simply NOT believe in something and I can change what I believe, instantly. I can simply Un-Believe and live in pure awareness.

The Way Less Traveled

The way less traveled is the quiet path that beckons one to follow the ache in the heart to merge, to know oneself as the Self, as the One-Song, the Universe; to listen to the silence within.pain.

Magical Me ~ I Am Infinity

Magical Me ~ I Am Infinity helps with loosening the tight grip of the intellect as to what reality is; softening the focus of the mind, letting it dilate, thus creating receptivity and in turn, presenting emptiness for unimagined possibilities to enter into awareness; dropping judgement, opening instead to marvel at the play of creativity we are One with.

Only the 7.5 ml bottles sizes currently come as boxed sets of 7 each

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