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Still Mind gently touches your body and mind with the stillness found on the high mountain peaks and glaciers in Alaska's wilderness; where the quiet is so profound you can feel it and the the vibrations of tundra flowers sound like noisy chatter.

Still Mind is a combination of Alaska’s Elements, Glacier River, Rainbow Glacier; plus (DLOE) Reading Energy Fields, Meditative Mind, Higher Levels, Lucid Dreaming, and Infinite Patience essences; with marjoram and tangerine oils to embrace you in a breath of calm.

Use Still Mind:


 You feel you are troubled by thoughts going around in your head.


 When you do your spiritual practice and you want your mind to be quiet.


 When thoughts keep you awake at night.


 To help yourself be a human being rather than a human doing.


 You want to live each day opening yourself to fully experience each moment.


 To practice inner stillness whether you are sitting still or being active.


In Alaska’s Wilderness, the quiet is so profound the vibrations of tundra flowers seem like noisy chatter.
This combination essence holds bits of secret wisdom and vibrations from nature to move you into the higher levels of your mind.
Made with the elements of the wilderness Still Mind Essence helps you touch into this deep inner quiet.
Use it to nurture a sense of inner quiet and emptiness.

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