Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between essential oils and orchid essences?

Flower essences are purely vibrational, nature’s intentional healing gifts shares an expansive awareness and vibrations to help people shift out of set patterns, stuck-ness or limitations into more authentic expressions that reflect true Self.   

What is it and how will an essence consultation serve me?

A Dancing Light Orchid Essences Consultation is an intuitive, energetic conversation between yourself and the essence producer, ShabdSangeet Khalsa. Your essence consultation is an opportunity for you to talk about challenges in your life, patterns on any level that you would like to change, mind, body, spirit,   internal dynamics that are in need of balance. In short, you can bring up any concern or aspiration you want to deal with and enhance. Life is constantly challenging which introduces the need for fluidity and balance. Essences, because they are subtle energies supporting and encouraging internal renewal, movement, and balance anew.

Will flower essences help me heal my body?

Essences don’t directly affect the physical body the way that herbs, essential oils, foods, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals are able to do. The subtle energies and intentions of essences communicate with your energy field, with the layers of your subtle bodies and chakras, with the mind, body, spirit channels of communication within and without. It is in the more subtle and fundamental levels where change can occur, new choices can be made when awareness is able to shift. Essences support your deep inner awareness which influences your choices which as it translates outwardly through the layers of yourself helps you create and adjust at the levels of spirit, mind, and body.

What is Reiki and how can it help me heal?

Reiki is ‘Universal Healing’ it is intentional, pure up-lifting healing energy a gift from beyond the physical world which has been brought into this world through the dedicated intentions to know its source. Dr. Usiu a Japanese teach and scholar who pursued this rarified, mysterious healing energy until his pure pursuit called it to himself where upon he holistically experienced, received and KNEW Reiki.

How can reiki work long distance?

Reiki cannot be explained, yet it can very much be experienced. How Reiki can be shared in person and with someone at any distance is the mystery we accept as not everything can be explained. When you get 2nd level Reiki training you will be attuned with Reiki, receive and learn Reiki symbols, one of which is the long distance symbol.

How do I pay for services and essences?

Click the schedule now button which takes you to the scheduling page where you choose the session you would like, then you pay in a secure portal with PayPal, credit or debit card at the time you book your appointment.  

How long do sessions last?

Sessions last generally 60 to 90 minutes if you need a longer session that can be arranged.

What is sound therapy and how does the gong work in this way?

Good vibrations that resonate your energy field and your body is considered sound therapy. When you listen to the music of great composers it is moving, such music can elevate you to vastness beyond words or move you to tears. The Symphonic Gong in an ancient yogic tool used as therapeutic sound or vibrations. When played intentionally and skillfully the Gong can take you past intellectual awareness and beyond into pure awareness, into the vastness if creation. This therapeutic ‘experience’ allows you to open, to self renew, to release and to experience yourSelf beyond limits of ego.

What does it mean to re-tune my vibrations

You have your own personal vibratory rate(s) that are typical for you. You have your patterns of thinking, feeling, and patterns that you experience and perceive the world through. Habitual patterns can be strong and so familiar as to be imperceptible, as much a part of you as your skin. When you work with Essences, Sound Therapy with the Gong and with Reiki each of these offer you an opportunity to allow yourself self to be vibrated differently. The Gong is the most profoundly obvious experience of being re-vibrated, the Gong in conjunction with the Dancing Light Orchid Essences is your opportunity to have your patterns loosened by the sound waves with the Essences that are chosen for you in your session which flow and communicate with your Authentic Self Awareness offering you an opportunity to see what you cannot see when you are in a set pattern, and to choose from Self new awareness; this is holistic re-tuning of your vibrations that you are able to choose during the session. Reiki re-vibrates you over time where the flow may start out as a trickle but over time and with use it can become a river of Reiki Healing energy that changes your vibration and elevates your whole self. 

What if I am sensitive to loud sounds with the gong?

You can wear earplugs, put cotton in your ears or situate yourself at a comfortable distance from the gong while it is being played. The gong produces a symphony of sounds high to low, soft to loud. Your experience with the vibrations that emanate from the gong do not require that you listen actively, it is an overall re-vibrating of energies more than a listening experience.

How do I have a session when I live far away?

ShabdSangeet uses long distance Reiki when providing services for you when you live at a distance. If you cannot show up in person you can still receive the benefits of Gong Sound Therapy, Dancing Light Orchid Essences and Reiki through the use of long distance Reiki. If you can use  the telephone, Skype or Zoom you can have a live session.