Opening With Clarity – Set 2

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Opening With Clarity - Set 2

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Opening With Clarity - Set 2
Opening With Clarity - Set 2

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Opening With Clarity - Set 2

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The Dancing Light Orchid Essences beckon us to flow with them into the subtle layers of creation within ourselves. Each essence is a conscious facet of the vastness of creation; with any given essence energy, if followed into the subtle, it could lead one into the infinite awareness within one’s Self. Ultimately, essences are our traveling companions for the inward journey beyond the limitations of the ego and intellect and fully into ourSelves.

Each set is made up of carefully chosen essences, to increase the natural healing and flow.

This set contains the following essences:

Clearing Inner Pathways

An essential companion for realizing Self, clearing the inner pathways is essential to knowing the Self. We come to feel and know who we are by also realizing who and what we are not.

Clearing Blockages

Anything that obstructs the flow of creation’s gift of life force energy must go if we want to realize the truth of our inner being. Life force energy is more than physical energy and breath, it is awareness of Self, the flow of creation’s intelligence; another essential companion to use frequently with the ebb and flow of our maturation process.

Radiant Strength

This essence supplies the blueprint for increasing radiance. For those who have lived a lifetime afraid of being seen as the radiant, unique and powerful beings they truly are. The stronger your glow the safer you are as you strengthen your energy field by the radiance of your boundless self.

Centered Love

This essence embodies heart-centered love. A good essence to use when you want communication to come from the heart. This essence will facilitate heart shifts, for exploring new relationships and new levels within relationships.

Reading Energy Fields

When auras blend, information is exchanged. You can use this essence to read your own energy field, and the energy fields of others. Whatever others have been holding onto, you will pick up.

Reveals Mystery Within

Reveals Mystery Within, when I was very involved in emotional release healing this was a great helper for discovering stuck emotions that were a mystery to my intellect at the time. As the years have passed, this essence helps to reveal inner vastness as that which is yet unnoticed, such is the mystery within.

Walking Out of Patterns

This essence is for walking out of the rhythms of old emotional patterning. Feel with your heart, and come into alignment with the purpose of your soul.

Only the 7.5 ml bottles sizes currently come as boxed sets of 7 each

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