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Focalizing Enhancers - Sets

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Focalizing Enhancers - Sets
Focalizing Enhancers - Sets

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Focalizing Enhancers - Sets

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The beauty of the Focalizing Enhancers is that they address both the Felt Senses and the Felt Awareness. First they are noticed with the sense of smell. . . with a pause you give yourself the opportunity to feel the effect the essence has within you.
--A continued pause to notice will allow you to experience Felt Awareness is the subtler version of Felt Senses.

By using Focalizing Enhancers you can journey through the senses into expansive awareness which may lead you to internal shifts such as: Consenting to create new agreements with self/Self, opening to the vastness of limitless possibilities, opening to living on the edge/cusp of aliveness beyond established comfort zones.

- Expands energetic space and provides safety
- Supports living on the cusp of aliveness beyond established comfort zones

- In permitting you to consent to present existing realities, this essence allows you to gracefully negotiate them. Allows the emergence of the now of personal evolution, thereby reclaiming your personal and robust energies permitting you to move forward with grace

- Catalyzes emergence of the profound expansive universe within yourself
- Helps you ground personal experiences bringing creativity into your physical world thereby manifesting new realities

How To Use Focalizing Enhancers

To Apply: 

    • Apply the Focalizing Enhancers lotion with a half pump to the palm of one hand. Very lightly spread the lotionbut do not rub it in.
    • Your body heat will quickly warm the lotion to release the essential oils.

Breathe In To Smell:

    • Cup your hands close to your nose to deeply breathe the bouquet.
    • This is the time to pause just for a minute or so to use your 5 Felt Senses and your Felt Awareness to notice.
    • There will be times when you feel you need to reapply the enhancers every few minutes and times when a few times per day or week will be useful.
    • Pause so that you notice, so you can be aware of the effect. Even a one minute pause helps you to notice what you sense and feel after inhaling the aroma. In this pause allow yourself to feel how the energy flows through you, use your felt senses first, then felt awareness; what you experience during this pause can bring you into felt conscious awareness. Using them on the fly without the pause to notice may result in only the unconscious mind noticing.
    • Trust what you feel, your "gut feeling" is your intuition working for you. Listen to, and trust your body wisdom, your inner knower. You have the ability to feel what is right for you in any given moment or day. Every day is an opportunity to stand strong in your inner knowing. What you need one day will be different from what you need three days from now.
    • Each 1oz/30ml bottle if filled with quite a lot of doses. A little will go a long way so try using just a half a pump per dose; use enough to give yourself the experience of this multi-dimensional creation that comes to you in lotion form.
    • For proper storage these products should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat. If you want to store them for a long period of time when you are not using them, place them in the refrigerator. Shake the bottles well before applying.
    • One note of caution, the essential oils in these products will affect plastic eye glasses and the coatings on the surfaces of eye glasses; these can be washed off immediately with soap and water.
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