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Smiles & Giggles Combination Essence

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Smiles and Giggles


Brighten Your Outlook,


Lighten Your Heart, Your Mind.















Be careful when you use Smiles & Giggles as it may impair your ability to take life too seriously!

Definitely mist your aura frequently when you’re behind on smiling, giggling and laughing, after all, the only moments you have are right now.

Smiles and Giggles May Frequently Appear,

Opening the Way for Smiles to Escape into Giggles,
Giggles to Blossom
Fits of Laughter.










Please share Smiles & Giggles!

Smiles, giggles and laughter will keep on spreading because,

they’re contagious.

Smiles & Giggles is made with Alaska’s Elements, Scottish Blue Bells, Flowers Celebrate Solstice; (DLOE) Idiot Glee, Heart Wings, Light Hearted, Lotus Petals of the Heart; (mist -elemi and ylang-ylang oils because they are delightful too!)


Use Smiles & Giggles:

When you want to enhance your mood, just because, or to help lift the spirits of those around you.

To help smooth out emotions after bouts of sibling rivalry; bumpy spots in relationships.

To help create a lightness and enhanced air of cooperation in your home and work place.

When you have to drive in traffic, pay the bills, go shopping, do stuff you just don’t want to do.

When you feel stressed about life’s demands, misting yourself can help you to lighten up and maybe even smile.

To enhance how good you already feel ~ you can expand your delight.













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