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Protective Shield Combination Essence

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It can help you feel comfortable so you can be present and also avoid feeling the need to withdraw from people and situations.


Protective Shield Helps To Provide Relief From Stressful Energies; it Envelopes You a Protective Sphere.

Protective Shield is particularly helpful to sensitive people for increasing your radiant strength while helping to clear
and define your personal space in positive ways.

Protective Shield is combined from Alaska’s Elements, Sweet Grass, White Thistle with (DLOE) Clearing Energy Fields, Balancing Extremes, Defining Edges, Essence of the Edge, Sacred Sphere, and Radiant Strength, Lotus Petals of the Heart; (mist with cinnamon, lemon, and cedar oils to fortify the subtle intents of the essences with the holding power of these aromatic oils.)

Use Protective Shield:

To mist yourself as often as you feel necessary while in stressful environments and situations.

Is especially helpful for pregnant women whose sensitivity increases as gestation progresses.

Important for new born babies and their mom’s when they re-enter the world together

For highly sensitive children and adults, and those who are empathic or unable to distance other’s emotions from their own.

For easing your subtle distress in crowds.

Because you feel the energies of words people speak and the thoughts and emotions remaining in your aura.












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