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For lightness of being.

On Angel’s Wings is great for children.

Sometimes small people need a little extra support, a little extra elevation so they can see things from the lofty heights the Angels view the world.

Life can feel better when your heart is lifted.

On Angels's Wings Combination Essence

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On Angels Wings can help clear away burdensome thoughts and lift your spirits up to loftier perspectives.





~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


On Angels Wings is filled with the laughter and the blessings of angels, fairies and flowers. . .

plus Alaska’s Elements, White Opium Poppy, Scottish Blue Bells; with (DLOE) Heart Wings, Wondrous Heart, Dance of Creation essences; held in the gleeful scents of geranium, orange and ylang-ylang.


Use On Angels Wings:

For children at bedtime to inspire sweet dreams and help restless ones to relax peacefuly.

To nurture your sense of inspiration and wonder.

If you are feeling scared, blue or simply need some cheering up.

Before you place a bandage on an injury – because angel kisses are very healing.

Mist your feet when your hopes and spirits are low, so weighty thoughts won’t drag you down.

Mist over your head and shoulders to loosen and stretch your wings in preparation to take flight!

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