You never know when or where the unexpected big or small emergencies will take place.

Be prepared by having Mother’s Arms in your pocket or purse, car, cupboard, and bedside so where ever you may be when life’s unexpected traumas occur Mother’s Arms will be available.

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Mother's Arms evokes a sense of safety, security, relaxation, trust, a quiet joy, a feeling of inner nurturing and healing.

Relax into the cozy embrace of these gentle vibrations, which holds you lovingly as if in a loving Mother’s Arms.

Mother’s Arms Combination is Effective for Emergencies, Shock and Trauma;

Mother’s Arms contains Alaska Elemental Energies Essence and 8 very feminine essences for nurturing yourself and those around you: Arnica, Fireweed, Women’s Healing Lodge, Earth Mother Nurtures, Idiot Glee, Sacred Sphere, Lucid Dreaming, Light Hearted/Heart Light.

Mother’s Arms is also a composite and has been formulated by a woman, a mother, with the intention to include the healing vibrations of the nurturing elements of the feminine nature, along with the energetic support to deal with urgent situations.

This flower and environmental essence combination which has been formulated for every day use and also for use in emergencies is designed to help you transition from trauma to comfort. Feeling a sense of safety is an important aspect of being able to allow oneself to let the trauma go in order to relax, to settle into a sense of being supported by either the loving arms of a mother or friend, the capable hands of health care providers or the sense of safety and healing you feel within.

Mother’s Arms Flower Essence Combination is Effective for Emergencies, Shock and Trauma; it also evokes the sense of safety, nurturing and healing. Relax into the cozy embrace of these gentle vibrations, which holds you lovingly as if in your Mother’s Arms.

Mother’s Arms combined essences assist with the following and more:

Arnica for shock and trauma. Arnica is a well known homeopathic first-aid remedy which is used for physical or emotional shock and injury, such as bereavement, an accident, pre and post surgical, dental or child birth. The flower essence carries the whole vibration of the healing potential of the plant which is gently disseminated into the aura.

Fireweed, holds the pattern for regeneration. It is one of the first plants to grow where fires have been destructive.

Women’s Healing Lodge, (a Sister Moon essence) offers healing at the etheric level which is where all healing begins before you see it manifest in the physical.

Alaska Elemental Energies, this environmental essence holds the vibrations of the natural balance found in the undisturbed wilderness of Alaska. Balance is a key element in health and well being. Each one of us is made up of the elements.

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Readily Available To Help You
When Life's Big Or Small
Challenges or Traumas Occur?

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Earth Mother Nurtures, brings you nurturing from the Great Mother. Her compassion fills this essence so it can fill you, her loving arms can support you. It is her elements which give you your body, she can hold you, your body, hold the patterns for your body-life-force relationship.

Idiot Glee, to bring lightness, perhaps even humor to help you shift away from discomfort.

Sacred Sphere, creates a protective energy field to help protect you from feeling bombarded by external energies, especially when you feel sensitive or vulnerable.

Lucid Dreaming, especially good for helping to relieve terror.

Light Hearted/Heart Light to help lift you from falling into despair, the pink heart energies of this essence carry the gentle vibrations of love and compassion.

Mother's Arms Mist: Lavender and Blue Camomile essential oils add a pleasantly scented, soothing element to this combination. The mist is useful to have at hand in all situations, it can simply be misted around a person to allow the flower essences to be evaporated into the aura. Hospitals do not generally allow patients to take anything type of remedy by mouth which they do not supply. They may not object to a pleasant misting of flower essences.

Use Mother’s Arms:

For emergencies, shock or trauma; fearfulness, panic or terror, stress, or overwhelming feelings.

Before and after medical procedures to help relieve stress after experiencing fear, pain, or trauma due to invasive procedures

For children who don’t feel safe, are hard to comfort or have trouble with sleep.

When you need to feel an inner sense of love, comfort, and safety.

To help clear your own or your children’s emotional energy after frantic escapades.

To instill the sense of love and nurturing from within.

Keep Several Mother’s Arms Combination Flower Essence
on Hand for Emergencies big or small.


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The wonderful thing about this photo is this; I was sitting on the edge of a kayak, at the edge of Naknek Lake on the Alaska Peninsula, when this mom grizzly and her three cubs approached. I took three pictures then, my film ran out. The mama bear stopped 15 feet from me while she communicated that it was her preference I should be the one to move so she and her cubs could pass by safely. I obliged her, of course, then she and the cubs walked past on the lake side of the boat in the shallow water of the lake and peacefully left. It was a an amazing few moments.-Shabd Sangeet

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As a parent, would you like
to feel a little extra sense of support for yourself, as well as, your youngster as you assist with their daily growth, and as they explore their world ?


Give Mother's Arms to
yourself too!


































Mother's Arms Combination Essence