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Alaskan Birch Forest Combination Essence

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Alaskan Birch Forest

Connects You with the Strong

Life Force and Purity

of Alaska’s Vast, and Intact

Circumpolar Biome of

Paper Birch Trees.










Alaskan Birch Forest contains: Alaska Elements, Birch Tree Deva, Birch Bud, Birch Tree, Matriarchal Birch, Polar Bear Shaman, Grass, Sweet Grass essences; mist also contains nutmeg, birch, lavender, juniper and spruce oils to lend sweetness and warmth.

Feel the potent magic of the forest, with energies in a bottle: it may appear to be something separate from the woods, but when you open it - you just may be surprised!






With this essence.

You can invite energies of the

Alaskan Birch Forest to

embrace you, nurture you,

and invigorate you,

Allow the wild elements

to revitalize you

and your personal space.










Use Alaskan Birch Forest to:

To instill or renew your sense of connection with nature no matter where you are.

To feel the invigorating freshness, the essence of the wild Alaskan Birch Forest to re-awaken your own energies.

Enliven and revitalize the energies in your home, work space, vehicle, or wherever you are.

Mist rooms often during illness and healing to clear toxins and bring renewed life force into the environment to speed recovery.


















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