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Wild Divine Combination Essences

Wild Divine combination essences are filled with Alaska's wildness, nature's inspiration, energies of the divine feminine, bits of playful magic, and senseless glee; plus Alaskan flower, tree, rock, elemental, environmental, wild and garden essences; the Dancing Light Orchid and the 7 Sister Moon Flower Essences; all to help you create movement in your life, to help you heal, grow and meet life’s challenges. They’ll help you by uplifting, expanding, and nurturing you, and by supporting your inner being and healing.

Wild Divine Flower Essence Combinations are synergies, they have energetically become more than the sum of the individual essences combined which gives them an increased potency.

Wild Divine Combinations Can Assist You With: Emergencies, Stress Relief, Pet Care, Self Improvement, and Emotional Imbalances, Increasing your Joy.

Let The Healing Forces Of Alaska's Wild Nature Bring You Assistance With: Cleansing and Protective Energies, Inner Balance, Meditative Stillness, Youthful Liveliness, Light Heartedness, Touching Into Your Wisdom, Smiles, and Joy.

Wild Divine combination essences such as Mother's Arms and Happy Pet are effective for shock and trauma for you and your pets (our version of a 'rescue remedy', helpful in emergencies), they can help to connect you with your smiles, playfulness, inner peace, and peace of mind. Wild Divine essences can also help you to unfurl your wings, help you to release stressful energies, and are useful for clearing unwanted energies from your spaces.

Use them with your pets, plants, kids, friends and especially for yourself in celebration of your life, health and well being.

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Happy Pet

Happy Pet is gentle support for animals, large or small, to assist with emergencies, shock, trauma, family dynamics that impact your pet, fear, injuries, trips to the vet, pregnancy and birth, sickness, loss, death, grieving, sadness, recovery from abuse, wild animal rescue and rehabilitation and other transitions. Click here to learn more about Happy Pet.
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How To Use Happy Pet

To Apply Happy Pet

Place a drop of Happy Pet in your pet's water dish every time you fill it.
Mix a drop into your pet's food.
Put a drop in one hand, rub hands lightly then gently stroke your pet to share the essence.
Spray the mist a few feet above your pet while it is reclining or still.
For fish or pets that are sensitive to alcohol put one drop of Happy Pet into a cup of boiled water, the alcohol will quickly evaporate. Add the cool essence water as you would drops from the bottle.

Mother's Arms

Mother's Arms is effective for emergencies, shock and trauma; it helps to evoke a sense of safety, nurturing, and healing. let yourself relax into the cozy embrace of these gentle energies that hold you lovingly as if in a loving Mother's Arms. Click here learn more about Mother's Arms.
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Sacred Space

Sacred Space is designed to help you expand your space and to clear the air and energies around you. For space clearing ~ the space around you ~ if you find walking through crowded city streets too intense, your home or work space need clearing use this essence. This potion is infused with thundering waters, the clearing winds and other forces of nature from Alaska's clean, remote wilderness. Click here to learn more about Sacred Space essence.
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Protective Shield

Protective Shield helps to provide relief from stressful situations and energies. This essences envelopes you in a protective sphere and is particularly helpful to sensitive people by increasing your radiant strength while helping to clear and define your personal space in positive way. It can help shield you in such a way that you won't have to withdraw from people and situations in order to feel comfortable. Click here to learn more about Protective Shield essence.
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On Angels Wings

On Angels Wings can help clear away heavy thoughts, worries, anxieties. Helps children relax into comfort and safety while they transition from the day into sleepy time. Sometimes small people need to feel extra support when they feel afraid of the dark, or have a hard time dealing with some of life's challenges.
Click here to learn more about On Angel's Wings.
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Smiles & Giggles

Smiles and Giggles brightens and lightens your heart so that smiles and giggles may frequently appear on the faces of those who dare to imbibe this happy elixir. You may find that it opens the way for smiles to escapes into giggles and for giggles to blossom into laughter! Click here to learn more about Smiles & Giggles essence.
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Alaskan Birch Forest

Alaskan Birch Forest connects you with the strong life force energy and purity of Alaska vast expanse of Birch trees of the circumpolar Boreal Forest. Let the forest's wholeness embrace, nurture, and invigorate you while the wild elements revitalize your energies and enliven your home or work space. Click here to learn more about Alaskan Birch Forest essence.
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Wise Woman

Wise Woman walks the earth knowing in her heart that she is the embodiment of the divine feminine. She knows no separation; her beauty is rooted beyond this world, her soul is deeper than the sea. Wise Woman manifests in this world by plucking creativity from its highest source. Click here to learn more about Wise Woman essence.
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Young Heart

Young Heart essence is the innocent child within you tugging at your sleeve to come out to play, it's your heart's deepest passions that inspire you to leap out of bed in the morning because you just know there is something wondrous about this day! Click here to learn more about Young Heart essence.
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Still Mind

Still Mind gently touches your body and mind with the stillness found on the high mountain peaks and glaciers in Alaska's wilderness; where the quiet is so profound you can feel it and the the vibrations of tundra flowers sound like noisy chatter. Click here to learn more about Still Mind essence.
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How To Use Wild Divine Essences


Use intention when you take essences.

Pause to focus on your intention as you sip water containing essences.

Pause to give yourself a chance to notice how the essence energies flow through your body, your chakras, your energetic meridians and/or your energy field.

Pause to feel, sense any subtle or not so subtle shift occurs with your emotions, your thoughts.



Mist your subtle energy field that is all around your body. (Be sure to avoid getting the mist on your glasses if you have plastic lenses as essential oils will leave spots on them.)

Again, pause as above to use your awareness to tune into the subtle or not so subtle effects, this way you can also enjoy the wonderful energetic sensations as the essence mist settles into your aura.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alaska is a treasure of purity and wilderness, a vast unbroken web of forests, mountains, glaciers, and tundra with moose, bear, caribou, sheep, eagles and, of course, the elements.

We can’t make essences without including the elements of these very powerful environments.

Alaska affects us in powerful ways. Alaska’s essence is the life force of the land
and it is these powerful energies we are sharing.