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“In my experience, when I have a house full of grumpy, out of sorts teenagers and whiny kids; maybe when I am frazzled too, I put a few drops of Idiot Glee in the jug of water at tea time. To me the result is miraculous. Everyone is guaranteed to be laughing and just having such a great time in 10 minutes max.

Affection and harmony are restored, tempers are soothed, the grumps are cheered up and everyone feels so much better. To me that feels like magic and healing all rolled into one. Very simple and grassroots, but profound for all that.“ ~ Nina Ritchie, UK































“Thus there is in the Nature-Principle itself an Ideal archetype of the beauty that is found in material forms and, of that archetype again, the still more beautiful archetype in Soul, source of that in nature.”
- Plotinus




































"The Meditative Mind is alert and relaxed. The traditional meditative sitting position, erect spine while sitting comfortably, facilitates meditative mind, In Zen meditation bows are traditionally done before sitting to facilitate the meditative mind. This essence performs the same function. The meditative mind takes less effort to attain and maintain after using the essence."
Scott Luper, ND,
Alaska Center for Natural Medicine










































"In addressing a longstanding issue with being stubbornly overweight I was advised to try out Dancing Light Orchid Essences of Defining Edges, Radiant Strength and Sacred Space.

I started using Defining Edges and Radiant Strength around the edges of my face and bought Sacred Space as a spray. I found an almost immediate and powerful difference not just in my face but in how I was feeling.

At the time I was in a large group of strangers feeling shy and my own identity shakily trying to find a space. I felt the essences bringing out more confidence and strength, and Radiant Strength I found helped me be more present in my body.

After a few days other people actually started remarking that I looked different too. I have been using the essences for about 3 months now and found them beneficial on many levels including the physical and have lost a stone since then and am feeling a lot healthier and happier.

Best of all I have stopped worrying about how I look all the time and feel so much more confident". ~ Alison McCabe, UK







































“I use Dancing Light Orchid Essences with my clients, which are, in my view, one of the most powerful kind in the market.”
~ Eveline, Portugal











































“I started smoking again after 7 years of not having one, which made me miserable. After taking Infinite Patience it’s nowhere near as difficult to quit. I can wait as long as it takes and then some. I feel like life is more of a process and I get a little of everything done everyday. As far as smoking goes I believe smoking is a result of lacking something you feel as though you urgently need and it could be anything. After taking this essence I think about smoking but stop myself and think “why would I do that?”
~ Ted Mc Guire, Pa, USA





















“If material extension were in itself the ground of beauty, then the creating principle, being without extension, could not be beautiful…. A further indication is that as long as the object remains outside us we know nothing of it; it affects us by entry…” - Plotinus






































Dancing Light Orchid Essences

Ordering Page

New Essences Complete Set 7

You will also find additions to essence descriptions.

Natures consciousness and compassion have brought these essences to us. My role as "essence producer" has been and is, to be the ears, hands, heart, and mind that receive Mother Nature's multi-dimensional instructions for bringing these essences from the ethers into physical forms that can easily be shared with you.

I feel Nature's compassion for the challenges we face as we journey through life on earth in physical form. To me, it feels like creation is closely watching those of us here in physical bodies, witnessing our struggles and challenges. Helping us when we hit those areas where we just don't know what to do or how to do what we need to do at times. Mother Nature then brings forth her divine gifts to help us rise to higher levels, to transform gracefully, to open our hearts to rediscover the beauty, innocence and joy that wants to blossom from from our most precious inner selves, from our hearts and souls.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the process of co-creating the Dancing Light Orchid Essences I surrender my awareness to the subtle energies of the flowers. It is a journey deep into the layers of creation, that are pre-manifest, where the essence of a flower beckons me to follow the energy into the formless, where only my awareness can travel. The consciousness of the essence is my guide, inviting me to follow as deeply and as subtly as I am able.

It is through nature and flowers that I live in relationship with the vastness of creation. Their beauty draws me in, closer and closer, until I pass through to the other side, into the un-manifest. I am aware, I am in a space, a not place, where I surrender my awareness to the subtle intelligence of the flowers. Here in the formless layers of creation my being dances with the essences while they envelope me as though we were lovers sharing subtle secrets. In this formless awareness our energies mingle, there is no I. Wordless, thoughtless awareness is direct transmission, pure intention, light and energy.

I hold these precious gifts within so that I may bring them back through the subtle layers of creation and into this manifest realm to share them with you. I focus inwardly to feel with my awareness the gifts I hold within. I do my best to find words to express the essence of the orchids; the energies are pregnant with intentions, alive with unlimited possibilities. This is alchemy, where etheric essence blends with physical matter, an essential infusion of living, dancing, vibrating light.

The essences are an expression of Mother Nature’s compassion for each of us. She showers us with her gifts to nurture our growth on every level. Through the orchid essences she meets us right where we are in any given moment of our personal evolution; like a wise, compassionate mother, if we let her, she not only meets us, she matches our pace then gently teaches, supports and leads us deeper within, while elevating our awareness so that we can open to new possibilities beyond that which we have imagined.

The Dancing Light Orchid Essences beckon us to flow with them into the subtle layers of creation within ourselves. Each essence is a conscious facet of the vastness of creation; with any given essence energy, if followed into the subtle, it could lead one into the infinite awareness within one’s Self. Ultimately, essences are our traveling companions for the inward journey beyond the limitations of the ego and intellect and fully into ourSelves.

To Illustrate, I’ll share a bit of my life’s journey with the essences up to this point. I was a sensitive child who grew up hearing the subtle communication of the Devas: of flowers, fairies, waterfalls, insects, crystals, fountains, trees, angels, animals and other beings. I also grew up in trauma which was great fodder for needing to do a lot of emotional healing and this is one area in which the essences met and supported me as I grew.

Shifts In Consciousness

The essences and I are on a life long journey which started from a pretty basic need to heal this human self. They also supported my spiritual expansion through the experiences of making the essences with all of the loving wisdom they have imparted through making essences. I have come to understand this as nature’s compassion, with each new life challenge I was directed to make new essences, they were exactly what I needed to successfully navigate the turbid waters. As of this writing in 2013 the essences are supporting my very human self as I increasingly learn to surrender to the flow of creation on the path of Self Realization. The path into the Self: Self Realization begins where I am right now, and where I was back then when I had no idea of such things.

I have found that by consistently using essences it is possible to explore the ever expanding depths they offer; for example: Reveals Mystery Within, when I was very involved in my emotional healing this was a great helper for discovering stuck emotions that were a mystery to me at the time. As the years have passed, this essence helps to reveal my inner vastness as that which is yet un-noticed is the mystery within.


As you scroll down this page you will find 49 essences, mostly orchids, a few Alaskan environmental essences and a number of combinations.

To the right you will see a link called how to use and select essences, you may find this page helpful in answering some questions.

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Dancing Light Orchid Essences Set 1

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Wise Action

Cattleya loddigessi var. coerulea

Use this essence when you want your actions to come from wisdom. It allows you to let the spark of inspiration distill within, so your actions are congruent with your intelligence.
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Wondrous Heart

Vanda javierii

Have you come to a place in your life where you’ve lost touch with the sense of wonder you had as a child. This essence will bring you back to that place.

“If you can feel the wonder, you can proceed”

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Purpose Flows

Phragmipedium ecuadorense

In the heart one finds the wellspring of life’s purpose: upwelling, bubbling, spilling over and trickling with the fluidity of water. Let your purpose well up within, let it be your sustaining pool. This essence helps to manifest the unaltered blueprint of purpose flowing freely from deep within you.
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New Perceptions

Ansellia gigantea

Keen focus takes place with this essence. It is about shifting paradigms with effortless ease. See, feel, sense, find and utilize abundance and unexpected opportunity.
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Idiot Glee

Vanda roeblingiana

I am the brash youngster, I am the fits of giggles, I am the aches in the face from smiling, I am the tears of laughter. I bring you the most intense, senseless joy that you shall have the good fortune to endure.
select size

Balancing Extremes

Paphiopedilum lowii

Express the truth and radiance of yourself in balance. Has your uniqueness felt misplaced? Why did you go so far out of balance? What did you lose sight of? In the ecstasy, yourSelf will remain grounded; in the earth plane, you will remember your bliss.
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Dance Of Creation

Vanda coerulea

I am the soothing essence of exquisite awareness. My purpose is to tickle your mind and the pathways into your heart so you will join in the merry dance of creation.
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Dancing Light Orchid Essences Set 2

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Clearing Inner Pathways

Aeranthes henrici

My subtle light penetrates and prepares the internal communication paths to enlightenment. This essence excels in clearing our being passages for in-formation to travel clear pathways.
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An essential companion for realizing Self, clearing the inner pathways is essential to knowing the Self. We come to feel and know who we are by also realizing who and what we are not.

Clearing Blockages

Phragmipedium caudatum

This essence brings a fresh example of how energy can move most freely through the body. Overall theme: fluidity and flexibility. An analogy in Chinese medicine would be removing blocks to the flow of Chi.
select size

Anything that obstructs the flow of creation’s gift of life force energy must go if we want to realize the truth of our inner being. Life force energy is more than physical energy and breath, it is awareness of Self, the flow of creation’s intelligence; another essential companion to use frequently with the ebb and flow of our maturation process.

Radiant Strength

Phragmipedium besseae

This essence supplies the blueprint for increasing radiance. For those who have lived a lifetime afraid of being seen as the radiant, unique and powerful beings they truly are. The stronger your glow the safer you are as you strengthen your energy field by the radiance of your boundless self.
select size

Centered Love

Bollea coelestis

This essence embodies heart-centered love. A good essence to use when you want communication to come from the heart. This essence will facilitate heart shifts, for exploring new relationships and new levels within relationships.
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Reading Energy Fields

Angraecum sesquipedale

When auras blend, information is exchanged. You can use this essence to read your own energy field, and the energy fields of others. Whatever others have been holding onto, you will pick up.
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Reveals Mystery Within

Aeranthes grandiflora

This essence is an invitation to explore the inner mysteries of the self.
select size

Reveals Mystery Within, when I was very involved in emotional release healing this was a great helper for discovering stuck emotions that were a mystery to my intellect at the time. As the years have passed, this essence helps to reveal inner vastness as that which is yet un-noticed, such is the mystery within.

Walking Out of Patterns

Rhyncholaelia digbyana

This essence is for walking out of the rhythms of old emotional patterning. Feel with your heart, and come into alignment with the purpose of your soul.
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Essence Of The Edge

Environmental Essence

The Essence of the Edge is for those doing their work at the cutting edge. It is for comprehending the purpose of the edge in your life at present. It is a safety net if you are pushed to the edge of what you can do, understand, cope with, and manifest.
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Defining Edges

Brassia arcuigera

Create your personal boundaries without creating separation from others. Creating boundaries provides an important part of your definition of self, as well as, strength, safety, and integrity.
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Unveiling Self

Oeonia volucris

Escape your ego’s illusions of self ~ that is little ego. Recognize that True Self dwells in your human form, yet is much greater. Ego is not left behind it is brought along on the journey of the soul.
select size

Unveiling Self expresses new dimensions; years ago I learned from the essence that my ego needed to bow (or step aside to assist) to my higher Self. This essence comforted me greatly as it energetically felt like it was a loving friend walking with an arm around me reassuring me that while I evolved, my ego would not be destroyed but brought along in the evolution.

This essence has been a powerful ally as I progress spiritually, yes, this ego still freaks out thinking it will be annihilated as my human self transforms, but, Unveiling Self has a powerful settling affect wherein this human ego can once again feel at ease, surrender to the flow of creation, while adjusting to the spiritual transformation process.

It allows the ego/intellect to gracefully relax, allowing it to step aside, so as to not obstruct the flow within.

Gossamer Steel/
Enduring Love

Phalaenopsis Texas Star x P. Brother Delight

This essence opens the heart to higher octaves of love. Touch the fine threads of love, let their music resound within. This essence embodies resilience, the strength to endure. This essence is like gossamer steel, born of desire to create the sustainable fineness of love, and to anchor love’s higher manifestations.
select size

The finest gossamer energy with the undying strength of the infinite that flows through each being, in essence, the power of your limitless soul that flows as light and love can become more alive for you if your adventures in this world if you have at all dulled your subtle inner light and strength.

My Own Pure Light

Paphiopedilum Eagle Peak x Paphiopedilum niveum

“The struggle is gone and I am light”.
select size

My Heart Knows

Paphiopedilum tonsum

Grace is the quality of fitting actions to the circumstances of the moment: knowing in your heart what to do, and when.
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Heart Wings

Psychopsis papilio

Let your heart fly with the energies of this essence, let the wings of your heart lift you. Perspectives of spirit are unburdened. Feel free, think free, break free and fly free.
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Dancing Light Spirit

Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalis

Embody fluidity. Dance between form and formlessness. This essence holds the pattern of fluidity for you to be able to open your perceptions to move between the manifest and non-manifest. It can transform you.
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Lucid Dreaming

Angraecum eburneum var. typicum

Take this essence to release yourself from emotional terror. It will also assist you with developing lucidity on all levels. A companion for exploring the vast unknown, which is larger than you can ever know and yet, you may go exploring there.
select size

Earth Mother Nutures

Environmental essence

Earth Mother is a collective of enlightened beings, with a capacity for compassion that is unfathomable. They merge with the form of earth to nurture all beings who dwell here. They are eager to assist us with our journey towards enlightenment; they know that ultimately we all journey together. This essence is an invitation, a welcoming into the heart of the earth.
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Manifesting Thought Forms

Paphiopedilum Leeanum superbum

This essence embodies the immanent patterns of the creative process. Intentions manifest gradually at first as they move through the ethers to where you can notice their etherial presence and then their subtle form. At some point, one’s intention is crystallized into physicality. Enhances the creative process.
select size

As we evolve, surrender to the flow of creation we have less attachment to our personal “i” which means we go with the flow of creation, the mind of the omnitelligence flows through as our intelligence. Our ability to participate in manifestation is more potent and considers the whole rather than personal gain. As we evolve we find ourselves opening while instructing intellect/ego to step aside to assist the flow, our mind is then in tune with the whole mind, thoughts come through the mind as flow. We participate in manifesting that which creation desires to create through us and we get to enjoy how wonderful it feels to play with, and to allow ourselves to be played by creation. Imagine being a musical instrument played by a masterful musician who is so skilled, so in tune with every nuance of not only the instrument, but the music, and the breath flowing through it; the music produced by such a master with a finely tuned instrument creates sound so lovely that as it resounds throughout creation all are filled with exquisite bliss.

Imagine the exhilaration of allowing oneself to be such an instrument of the divine. Manifesting Thought Forms essence facilitates just such a way of living at higher levels than individual desires. Let this essence lead you to be just such an instrument, so that which manifests through you is borne of divine will.


My Song Calls Me Home

Phragmipedium amazonica (syn. richteri)

This vibration reunites you with lost or disconnected pieces of your self; from reclaiming bits of your playful inner child to soul retrieval.
select size

This facet of the essence is a higher octave description; each is valid as the essence meets us where we currently stand. We are the One-Song of the creation that created us. As we expand to realize ourSelves as spirit having human journeys, this essence helps tune and retune the human musical instrument. We have light energy flowing through our chakras and spines, we vibrate as subtle sound.

Consider this essence to be like a tuner, it will tune your instrument -you- each time you use it, helping you to 'ring true' to yourSelf.

Graceful Transformations

Masdevallia coccinea var. harryana

A caterpillar makes a cocoon wherein it transforms into a butterfly. This essence assists you in discarding unused energies, thought forms, and emotional patterns. It helps clothe you with your new forms of manifesting self.
select size

I Am In My Body/
Expansive Embodiment

Masdevallia ignea

Assists with the process of full incarnation, bright with the light of spirit being ... a new way of experiencing your spirit-body relationship. Imagine your body full of tiny spaces so the light within you shines outwardly like the suns’ rays shining through clouds. The source is the sublime within.
select size

As you expand, getting to know your essential Self, the body and mind are assisted with this essence. Expansion and realizing Self bit by bit are a natural process, yet the body and mind can prove to be somewhat slow in their morphogenesis. Expansiveness Embodiment is very freeing.

Spirit does not live caged inside the body and mind, it is the limited intellect that prevents you from having full awareness of how vast you are even while inhabiting a body and using this mind. This essence can assist you in not only feeling the expansiveness of your embodiment, but also with opening your awareness to the spaces between all the particles of your body and of the spaces between your thoughts. It is here in the gap between thoughts where you can feel the energy of the flow of Self.


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Internal Marriage

Combination Essence

This essence is like taking a walk hand in hand with someone: yourself. It is about integrating dualities, complementary opposites, female and male energies within; internal marriage. It is not effort, but creativity.
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Infinite Patience

Paphiopedilum rothchildianum

This pattern of consciousness directly accesses the gaps between your thoughts; drawing on limitless creative intelligence which embodies a deeper level of patience than is generally experienced in life. This is patience to carry one through great and lasting challenges. This is deeper than the patience of the mind; this is like breathing in the infinite. Patience to carry one through great or lasting challenges.
select size

Higher Levels

Paphiopedilum parishii

Supports transformative growth by helping you release yourself from the accustomed form and allowing movement toward the next higher level of form.
select size

This essence is like an energetic lifeline to help us to feel willing to move to the next higher level in the flow of life. The physically manifest world around us appears to be solid, stable, able to last through myriad changes with relatively little challenge to its stability. We become mentally/emotionally reliant upon this perception.

Quantum physics has proven that matter is mostly empty space. Life flows like a river, there are times when the very foundation we stand upon erodes. This essence helps with movement. There are times when you are required by the flow of life to move away from your illusion of ‘solid ground’ into the unknown. Higher Levels helps you move with the flow because as you begin your movement you also begin to allow the next higher level to manifest by that very act of motion.

I Like Being Me

Restrepia guttalata & a piece of a granite mountain

This essence holds a pattern for self-love and acceptance. “I look to nothing outside of myself for reference as to my self worth, acceptability, love-ability, inner wealth, and inner health. I like being me. That which I am is my unique expression of all possibilities. There is no other like me.”
select size

Heart Of Nature/
Devic Awareness

Miltonia Jean Sabourin ‘Vulcain’

This essence helps you develop an elemental awareness of the life force all around you. The trees, rocks, flowers and other forms are alive with creative cosmic intelligence. Elemental light. Elemental sound. Elemental motion. Elemental breath. Much of this awareness is purely experiential, far beyond thoughts the mind can capture. Let the experience take you; ultimately there will be a story for your mind to know.
select size

Stepping Ahead Now

Combination essence

You’ve done the work; now go forth into that which you have prepared. The elements are in place, the atoms and molecules are arranged correctly; in alignment with your intentions. The canvas is ready to receive your brush strokes. Step ahead now. This essence encourages you to do just that.
select size

Heart To Heart

Combination Essence

This essence assists in attuning to your truest source of navigation, your heart. An energy emanates from your heart that another heart recognizes as true. “Let your heart be your guide”, is an expression based in universal truth of experience and being. Get to the heart of the matter. Let this essence assist you in going deeper within, through the gateway of your heart, to the heart of your Self.
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Sacred Sphere

Phragmipedium Scorcers Apprentice

This essence creates a subtle energetic sphere that one can “be“ within, while you engage in your daily activities; It helps you maintain your personal clarity.
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Meditative Mind

Phragmipedium xerophyticum

How do I learn how to meditate? A quiet mind is like an unusual day of flat calm on the sea, no waves, just glassy smooth water. A quiet mind is a mirror of Self. This essence assists you in diving into the deeper levels of the mind to explore self/Self in deeper meditative states, where the true treasures of life reside.
select size

A still mind is the diving board to jump off into the depths of Self, to explore pure awareness beyond any thoughts, to go beyond thought to simply “be”. No words can express pure awareness; allow yourself to follow the intelligent intentions of this essence beyond, you cannot do it with effort, the way in is effortless surrender just as sleepiness is so seductive that you let yourself fall into sleep. Let yourself fall into Meditative Mind. Whether you sit to meditate or you meditate as you garden, wash dishes, or walk in nature this essence encourages inner stillness.

Clearing Energy Fields

Combination Essence

Offers energetic support to look within and release. Clears the energies when one feels ready to release, and transform.
select size

Lotus Petals Of The Heart

Paphiopedilum hybrid

This essence helps you open to live life from your heart so you can feel your life more fully; know boundless joy and possibilities that are not limited by the constraints of mind centered being.
select size

Light Hearted~ Heart Light

Miltonia hybrid

This essence supports your emotional body during difficult times so you can avoid falling into the depths of pain and despair, and face your experiences with hope and inner strength.
select size

Softening The Edges

Platanthera obtusata

For those who handle delicate situations, precious young creatures and objects to help you have the gentlest of touches.

Use this essence if you notice the edges of your personality have become sharp or hardened in reaction to disappointing or painful life experiences. It can help you to release and discard any harsh behaviors that cause yourself and others pain.

select size

Expanding Awareness

Phaleanopsis hybrid

This essence creates a wiggle where there is a tiny opening; it wiggles and keeps wiggling, creating an expanding gap, a space for your awareness to expand. You may feel a quickening as this process gains momentum.
select size

In the emptiness of the un-manifest, the infinite, we have all the space we need to expand in every way, in all the facets of our beings. With expansion comes the illumination of things once hidden in shadow where we are confronted with our crystallized emotions and stuck energies as the shadows become illuminated; this is our opportunity to become aware, then release, this is a natural cycle of Expanding Awareness.

This essence is a great support in helping us to allow, or to not resist this natural process of awakening. This is the flow of Expanding Awareness: elevation, expansion, illumination, awareness, release which is surrendering things to the flow (or resist, ouch!) feeling authentic Self and then the cycle repeats itself if we don’t resist. As we open to deeper relationship with Self we become familiar with this cycle of necessary clearing.

This essence facilitates going with the flow.

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Letting Go ~ Dis-Embodiment

Combination Essence


You will come to the time and space repeatedly in life where letting go of past experiences and emotions is required in order for you to move forward in life with clarity, with an open, light, compassionate heart. This essence will help you release your weighty emotions and thoughts renewing your ability to carry on with a lightened load.

select size

Just as solid mountains are eroded away one particle at a time by the elements so too can the embedded charges of body and mental memories be released. Allow yourself to flow into the new days ahead with renewed fluidity and freedom. As mountains are eroded they become lighter, they rise higher.


Combination Essence


Accept what is. If you are not accepting 'what is' in the present moment, you are resisting. Resistance does not change the present or past, but instead blocks the flow of your life. The gentle vibration of orchid flowers can help you to 'just be'. Allowing 'what is' creates acceptance.

select size

To create change, accept things for what they are as a first step: then you will know what is real, avoiding illusion and delusion. From there you can make choices and take action according to what is. Acceptance requires pause in action. This essence holds the energy to pause. In the pause, see 'what is'. In the pause accept 'what is'. You will find yourself in a pool of awareness and of acceptance. Pause in this.

Harmony of Heart

Oncidium 'Sharry Baby'

In the softness of your heart is the seat of yourSelf. It is common to develop outward protective layers with mental projections so convincing that no one would dare to question, nor breech that well crafted protective facade. The facade becomes a binding energy, constricting authentic, loving expression. No one can see who you truly are even if you may wish them to. This dichotomous incongruence does not allow for authentic visibility nor expression, leaving those in your presence missing the truth of your heart and over time that may even become the experience for yourself.
select size

The gift of this essence is freedom to bring forth the authentic expressions of your infinitely free Spirit Self so that you may drop the veils, allowing outwardly harmonious expression sharing the treasures of your limitless being.


Plantago Patagonia

(Wooly Plantain) An orchid imitator - Many orchids imitate their insect pollinators, some flowers look like orchids. Your pure essence may seem as if it were a tiny, quiet part of you that may be nearly unnoticed amidst the loud, bold things that draw and catch your outwardly focused attention. In truth pure essence is infinitely vast, may be noticed and felt in every moment. Purity is the flow of creation expressing itself through you without any hindrance. Look for it - it is always there within you.
select size

You and your purity are One. This essence supports your ability to feel it. Your essential being is pure; you cannot loose your purity but you can loose touch with the sense of purity within yourself. Let the essence help you shift from the agendas of the mind and the loco-motions of the emotions. Chances are you have already befriended your purity and you just need a reminder that you can tap into it immediately at any time.


Spiranthes Romanzoffiana

I can un-believe my beliefs! I live in awareness ... the powerful flow of creation makes me inherently, powerfully creative. My earth vehicle bows to creation flowing through it. I feel how unbelieving vibrates me, elevating well being. My beliefs are the glue of my reality. My very thoughts and cells are flowing with creative power which can be used to Un-glue ~ Un-Believe beliefs.
select size

Unbounded perceptions are the stuff of my essence, my authentic unlimited Self. I can simply NOT believe in something and I can change what I believe, instantly. I can simply Un-Believe and live in pure awareness.

The Way Less Traveled

Paphiopedilum predacious

The way less traveled is the quiet path that beckons one to follow the ache in the heart to merge, to know oneself as the Self, as the One-Song, the Uni-verse; to listen to the silence within.
select size

This essence is the silent friend who guides with a voice softer than the whispers of a leaf falling; there is the most gossamer of energy to attend; a subtle flow to feel within, nebulous spirit to sense; indescribable bliss to relinquish oneself to.

Magical Me ~ I Am Infinity

Calypso Bulbosa

Magical Me ~ I Am Infinity helps with loosening the tight grip of the intellect as to what reality is; softening the focus of the mind, letting it dilate, thus creating receptivity and in turn, presenting emptiness for unimagined possibilities to enter into awareness; dropping judgement, opening instead to marvel at the play of creativity we are One with.
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