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How To Select and Use Essences


Essences are best used with INTENTION.

Intention is when you focus your attention consciously on what you want to have manifest in your life.

Essences are consciousness and intention, they will work for you whether you pause to take them with focused attention or you quickly pot drops into a glass of water and gulp it down while you run off to do something else important to you. But the question is, will you notice if you receive the benefit you seek?


Pause to notice when you use essences.

When you pause, you make space within to notice, to feel if your energy flows differently, if your heart felt touched, open a bit more, or you perceive a new possibility. Pausing gives you an opportunity to focus your awareness on what you feel in your energy field, within your body; it gives you an opportunity tobe aware of the subtle, of subtle shifts, of subtle awareness, of subtle feeling. We are made up of the subtle before we manifest fully into the physical we have grown accustomed to.


When would I benefit from using essences?

To select essences or remedies, consider which issues are in the forefront in your life at this time. Are they physical, spiritual, emotional, mental? The essences are energy medicine, vibrational tools to help you with your challenges and changes. For example: If you resist change, but would like more flexibility in this, there are essences to help you.

When you read the essence descriptions you will often intuitively have a sense of which ones attract you the most. Take some time to consider your symptoms before you read through the descriptions. That way you will have a focus to help you notice more easily which essences you will benefit from. If you would like assistance with selecting essences click here.


What method should I use to select flower essences?

You may select flower essences by reading the descriptions and by looking at the photographs of the flowers and environments from which the essences are made. When you feel an attraction or a strong emotion this indicates a "yes". You can douse with a pendulum to select essences, as well as muscle testing, or kinesiology, and of course listen to your intuition. You can also use these methods to find the appropriate number of drops and/or applications to use. Generally, your first impressions come from your body intelligence and intuition; therefore, it is beneficial to listen to them during your selection process.


How can I apply flower essences?

There are many ways to apply flower essences. Misting is for flower essences that are evaporated into the aura. This makes application with small children and pets very easy. Most of our flower essence mists are aromatherapy sprays. They have pleasing scents, the essences gently mingle with your aura or energy field. You can take the mists to use and share in your work, home and play places to cleanse the spaces around you and to uplift yourself and others.

Drops allow you to add the essences to water: flower water remedies can be sipped periodically throughout the day and night; they can be added to bath water, or sprinkled onto clothing and bedding.

Flower essence drops may be added to cookies and other foods and drinks. Cooking does not change the benefits derived from the essences. You can also add drops to creams and lotions.


What dosage should I use?

Put from 1 to 10 drops of essence into a water bottle. Take sips throughout your waking hours. The number of sips one takes has more effect than the quantity taken in each time.

If you are using flower essences that are evaporated into the aura you may mist yourself as frequently as you feel the need or desire.


How Frequently should I repeat dosages?

The frequency of repeat dosages has an impact on how quickly and intensively the flower essences effect the user. Dosages may be repeated every few minutes throughout the day. Hourly dosage is another possibility. When using the essences in acute situations such as for shock or trauma apply the essences every 1-5 minutes until the critical phase has passed.

Repeat dosages consistently introduces new blueprints for personal balance. The greater the imbalance, the more frequently the essence is taken, creating balance, choice and opportunity for change.


How else can I take flower essences?

Flower essences may also be taken by putting drops under the tongue, or on the top of the head; they may be put onto the palms of the hands, rubbing the palms together and them smoothing them through the energy field around the body.


Flower Essences may also be:

put in humidifiers
add to blowing bubbles
put in a bowl of water that is placed next to the bed
included in your favorite recipes
put onto crystals
put into a vial worn around the neck and over the heart center
put in a spray bottle for misting the surrounding environment or oneself
combined with essential oils for external use in a diffuser or a misting bottle

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