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“Shabd Sangeet has an amazing gift, and I feel blessed to have had her work with me. I experienced one of the most phenomenal treatments I have ever had. I slept particularly well last night and was feeling the dancing light of the essence energies. Not many things have an impact on my sadhana (morning practice). I had an amazing sadhana this morning. I am grateful for having this experience and for her skill in being able to make these essences.

Shabd Sangeet accesses subtle and profound healing energies, through the use of the orchid essences, on many levels - I felt uplifted, inspired while I was releasing blocked energy. Rarely have I encountered a healing that impacts my spiritual practice in such a deep and powerful way. After the session I am using the essences in the early morning when they are particularly effective. Have a session with Shabd Sangeet and experience the Dancing Light of the essences for yourself!”
- Hari Kartar Singh, Phoenix, Az.

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“I was at a critical juncture in my personal growth when my family and I received the flower essence and gong treatment from Shabd Sangeet. The treatment assisted in opening up and expanding things for me that had a profound impact on my life. Everyone's experience with her will be different. On that day, I learned how to breathe. Really breathe. Consciously breathe. I will never be the same again. The treatment was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Shabd Sangeet's skill in making and applying the flower essences is other-worldly. It was a destiny, and the result was and continues to be profoundly powerful.”
- Richard Bravo, Phoenix, Az.

Essence Consultations ~ Essence Infusion Sessions

In Person and Long Distance Essence Consultations

Long Distance Essence Consultations

Distance is not a limitation in working with energies.

What Is A Distance Essence Consultation Like?

By phone or skype: a distance essence consultation is pretty much like having one in person. You can state what you would like the essences to address for you, thinking of immediate life challenges, what kind of personal transformation you are experiencing or want to go through. Esences are selected that are appropriate energies to help you.

Via email: write about what you would like the essences to help you with, use bullet points to clearly express what you want the essences to address.

Use the shopping cart button below to prepay for your distant consultation, or to purchase a consultation as a gift for a friend or family member.

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What Is An In Person Essence Consultation Like?

When Shabd Sangeet does an essence consultation with you, she shares her lifetime of experience of profound relationship with natures essence with specific focus on how the essence of orchids and flowers expressed as “flower essences”, ie. vibrational consciousness, can help you to shift, adjust, open and balance.

Shabd Sangeet will ask you to describe the intentions you wish to focus on and to freely express your thoughts; while you are talking she will ask you questions to bring forth the fullness of your topics.

During your consultation Shabd Sangeet intuitively feels and listens to the vibrations of the essences as she listens to you, she uses her knowledge as well as her "Felt Awareness" (intuitive and subtle energy awareness skills) to select the essences that will assist you with your personal transformations.

Once the essences have been selected Shabd Sangeet will describe to you how to use them. You will receive instructions and your selected dosage essences by USPS Priority Mail. (If you live outside of the U.S. additional postage may apply.)

What can essences help with?

Just about anything you can think of. Some people want relief from fear and anxiety, help with weight loss, emotional balance, support while going through intense times of personal growth, challenges, grief, energetic balance, and more...

To Schedule an appointment:

Call 1-907-687-3268

Send an email with "schedule an essence consultation", in the subject line, include some times you have available and Shabd Sangeet will send you a reply suggesting and or confirming a appointment time.

Next ~ Purchase an Essence Consultation by using the shopping cart button below. for yourself, and/or as a gfit for a friend or family member. The shipping charge at check out covers the cost of postage for the essences you will receive in the mail. *You may also pay with cash at the time of your appointment if it is in person. (If you live in the U.S. postage is included, if you live outside of the country then additional postage is likely to be more and you would be notified of the due balance.)

Pre-pay for yourself / a friend / 2 session discount

Essence Infusion Sessions

What Is An Essence Infsion Session?

This is a transformative session to re-calibrate your inner harmonics, to re-vibrate your being in a way that supports you as your authentic self, session that allows you to be released from the tight grip of well set patterns, witness them and to make new choices if you wish. In short this is a very effective means of retuning your instrument (you) so the flow of the infinite can express itself through you most accurately.

An In Person Orchid Essence Infusion Session is from 1.5 hours to 2 hours in length; it begins with you describing the things you would like to give attention to, some essences are selected; then the energies begin to flow for your session. Your session will take you deep into yourself while the essences flow and infuse your energies with theirs.

Distant Orchid Essence Infusion Sessions

A Distant Orchid Essence Infusion Session can be done long distance on the not so common occassion when a person has a highly developed sensitivity with their subtle body awareness. When this is the case you can either call or email describing what you would like to address. We will set the time of the session, you can create a quiet situation where you may be in a quiet, meditative space undisturbed allowing yourself to receive and be with your subtle senses and awareness.


Pre-pay for yourself / a friend / 2 session discount


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“I have known Shabd Sangeet for many years. I had suffered a ganglion cyst on the back of my left hand, and on the top of my right foot. The doctor prescribed some horrific steroid medication with lots of side effects. These cysts were painful when subjected to pressure. I chose to ignore the doctor’s counsel and went to see Shabd Sangeet who gave me a personal essence consultation; she put together two orchid essence mixtures for me. I used a few drops on the cysts and also a few drops in water around the house. A few weeks later the lump on my hand disappeared entirely entirely and has not returned. There is still a hard lump on my foot, it was never soft, I don’t think it was a cyst at all but some sort of bone enlargement. I seem to be enjoying other benefits such as noticing more subtle sensations in myself and flickers of feelings in others.”
-Teri Viereck, Fairbanks, Alaska

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“When I heard that Shabd Sangeet did flower essence sessions my heart knew right away that this is something I wanted to try. It was a time in my life of great change. I had recently moved, ended a relationship and was feeling like I was in a war zone at my work environment. I went into the session with an intention to help me with these areas of my life. After talking with Shabd Sangeet for a few minutes about my “issues” she chose the orchid essences that wanted to work with me. I lay down and had no idea what to expect but I was open to the experience. As she began to lay the flower essences on me, she told me the names of each one of them, which I just love...they are playful and real... and I could feel them, I could feel their vibrations! It is like nothing I have ever felt before.

One essence I took in water and in only a few minutes I could feel this energy start to build, then travel up and around my head. It was magic and I could feel the heaviness in my head begin to lift. She put many essences on my heart, for my heart, by the time the session was over I did not feel the depression and hopelessness I had walk into the session with.

I had a rash on both my lower legs for about a month, I had no idea why it appeared and was quite itchy. This was one of the intentions to clear whatever that was, away. During the session I literally felt that part of my body going through a major vibration and I knew I was being healed. After the session the rash began to slowly leave and the itchiness had gone. I was amazed and overjoyed. I was so impressed with my experience and how I felt! I ordered a series of essences which I continue to use. Each time I take them I know they are working with me to grow and change. I feel very blessed to have met Shabd Sangeet, to work with her and the Dancing Light Orchid Flower Essences.” -Susan Harlos, Phoenix, Az.