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It's and interesting journey ...

We are all spiritually awakening beings, spirits having human experiences with varying degrees of amnesia it seems; we have an awakening journey to go through in this physical world.

The healing modalities I offer come from my own journey, they are the gifts creation brought into my field of vision; I have used them extensively and they work. The Dancing Light Orchid Essences have been a compassionate gift of Nature, through the subtle energies of the flowers. I was not just guided to make them and use them, but it was demamded that I do so by the forces of crreation that would not take no for an answer from me. I was given the gift of subtle awareness and the powers of creation had a strong intention that was beyond my comprehension. I had to bow to that omniscience and in so doing, I have been lovingly guided by Nature's Compassion.

Everything that is healing is about the flow, the great, vast flow of creation itself and we experience here in the manifest realm of the physical world. Reiki is a tool of the flow, it heals, it uplifts and elevates; the more it is used by oneself and shared with others, the greater the river of love, healing and life force becomes. It is like a small stream at first, then when used it flows a bit bigger, then bigger and then one notices it flows ever more greatly as that is the nature of flow. If you take the time to learn about people who have shared Reiki a lot, you will see that many look quite youthful into their later years, this is due to benefits of allowing the flow to flow though oneself to others, and all the while being enlivened by the ever increasing life giving energy of the flow.

Focalizing is a modality that creation has manifest through Dr. Michael Picucci. He refers to the flow as Source Energy and it is a brillantly organic, loving, expansive and expanding gift to us all who use it. My mind/body learned how to release; it created intelligent pathways throughout my entire human vehicle for letting go of whatever is not authentically mySelf. This modality is very helpful for releasing trauma, getting out of being stuck, and also for expanding into being greater than you are now, if that is what you seek. As you will read on the Focalizing page, I developed three Focalizing Enhancers to enhance the Focalizing process; they have been specifically designed to have a positive affect in the brain, specfically the reptiliam brain, the old brain that can all too easily get stuck on high alert and wreak havoc in ones life and the lives of others. They also enhance expansion and vastness.

The wise ones throughout history have told us that sound has created this realm. Yogi's came up with the healing gong as it vibrates, it penetrates through our very skin and helps us to revibrate our whole selves. It can take you beyond the grip of the intellect/ego on a journey into the depths of Self and you will likely come out of an hour long gong bath feeling like you have had the best vacation of your life. The gong is healing sound.

There is a page on each of these modalities that you can read about in depth and there is a seperate website for the Dancing Light Orchid Essences.

Now, about Letting Go.

In my experience, letting go, discovering everything that really isn’t me, is creating space for awareness of my authentic Self, for the light within to shine outwardly. As the sticky notes of false identities have been released, I have noticed that my inner light has been shining through the cracks between the layers of sticky notes; they can also be called burdens, emotional pain, dreams I believed were true, the list goes on. It is easier to refer to them as sticky notes.

If you take the time to notice, you will become aware of consistency in creation (Oneness with variation). Imagine that you dropped a book on the ground during the autumn season, with every falling leaf the book became at first decorated with leaves, then somewhat covered, then completely covered by leaves and by the end of fall the book was so obscured with fallen leaves that no one would even guess a book lay quietly beneath them.

We are like the book, with each impression, thought, emotion, experience, choice and so on, that we hold onto or that somehow we unwittingly let stick to us, that we identify with,; we allow ourselves to be covered up, obscured from our perceptions, and our own awareness. The game of hide and go seek, who am I, really? Am I leaves? Am I emotions and reactions? Am I my intellect/ego? Am I this body?

The tools of transformation, as I like to describe them, are wonderfully effective and supportive in helping us let go of the “things” that are not us, to gain movement when we are stuck, to open up to the flow of source energy within, and to feel the sense of wonder that many of us felt so keenly when we were very young.

One of my favorite Dancing Light Orchid Essences is, Unveiling Self, this essence energeticlly embraces the ego/intellect when it is freaking out, helping it to bow to spirit within, all the while comforted in knowing that it will be brought along to evolve and serve the soul; it will still exist, (as a tool, it will no longer be in charge).

I feel a deep passion for flowers; the essences are one form or expresssion nature’s compassion for us, for the journey we must either endure or delight in. The Dancing Light Orchid Essences are subtly powerful, intelligent, vibrating energies that come to us through the flowers, the orchids. They offer amazingly effective support, for example, Letting Go, Walking Out of Patterns, Clearing Energy Fields, Clearing Inner Pathways, Clearing Blockages, to name just a few, their names give an indication of how they are vibrationally helpful.